Friday, 27 March 2009

Martín Rivas

We really like El Internado, because is not a soap opera and it's interesting and not internacional, basically is not seen in other countries.
But we really like is Martin Rivas (Marcos, the main actor) because he's very handsome and really cute and nice to their fans. Also he is a great actor.
We think that El Internado is a great serie because they've kept the mistery since it started.

Actually we don't have anything of El Internado, we've only met him (Martin Rivas) when we were in New York last summer. He was in a sports shop when saw him. We asked him for a picture and he took one with us, as we said earlier in the text, he is really nice to his fans. We were really excited because our dream came true!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

This video is about the seven guys watching the film that they have found. Everything starts when they are walking on the secret halls when they see a room with its door open, in this room there's a film playing that someone has just left there for them.

The film represents what happened in Laguna Negra a few years ago with some determinated kids. It's an example of the misterious and frightening history that had happened in Laguna Negra.

Friday, 20 March 2009

El internado's plot

El Internado is about a boarding school called Laguna Negra. It's a place where students and teachers live together. The Laguna Negra is an isolated place with many secrets and frightening stories behind Laguna Negra's walls.
Seven students (Cayetano, Marcos, Iván, Carol, Vicky, Roque y Julia) are trying to discover the truth of all the Laguna Negra's past finding films, things to prove their hypothesis about their teachers, secret halls and the Garret.

What's this?

This is Gemma and Anna we're doing this blog for our english class, an english project. We're supposed to create a blog of what we love and what are our passions.We chosed the serie El internado because we think is a great serie. It's a mistery and scary programme where you can have a wonderful time watching it.